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Власти США сделали американских эсперантистов невыездными
Case 0.CT·15l83
Orlando E. Raola JAN t 5 2010
Esperanto League for North America, Inc.
P.O. Box 1129
EI Cerrito, CA 94530
RE: Application dated November 6, 2009 and supplemental correspondence dated January 13, 2010
Dear Mr. Raola:
Thi:. I:' in n...sp .ns\! [0 your request 011 behaif of you and the Esperanto League for North America, Inc. (the
"'League") for authorization to engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba for the purpose of
attending the 95th Esperanto World Congress (the "Congress" ) in Havana, Cuba. You advise that up to 150
U.S. members or the League plan to attend the Congress. Information provided in the translation of the ·jest
Bulletin for the Congress indicates that the topics will include such subject matters as Cuban architecture,
culture, music, and nature. Althugh you have submitted your request pursuant to the category of travel
relating to humanitarian projects, we have reviewed it pursuant to the category of travel relating to
professional research and meetings inasmuch as you propose to attend a meeting rather than engage in a
humanitarian project.
The Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R. Part SI S (the 'Regulations"), admini stered by the U.S.
Department of the Treasury' s Office of Foreign Assets Control, prohibit all persons subject to the
jurisdiction of the United States from dealing in property in which Cuba or a Cuban national has an interest.
This prohibition includes all Cuba travel-related transactions unless such transactions are authorized in
accordanc with current licensing policy set forth in § SI S. S60(a).
Section S1S.564(a) of the Regulations authorizes travel-related transactions set forth in section Sl S.S60(c)
and such additional h'ansactions as are directly incident to 1) professional research in Cuba by full -time
professionals conducting research of a non-commercial, academic natw'e in their professional area, and 2)
attendance bv full-tim e professionals at professional meetings or conferences in Cuba organized bv an
i n~el . ational professiunai urganization. lllstitution. or association that r gularly sponsors meetings or
conferences in other countries, when certain conditions are met.
In addition. pursuant to § 51 5 .564(b) of the Regulations, specific licenses may be issued on a case-by-case
basis authorizing travel-related transactions set forth in § SIS.S60(c) and such additional transactions as are
directly incident to professional research and professional meetings that do not qualify for the general lie nse
in § 515.564(a) of the Regulations.
We have reviewed your reque t and detennined that the proposed travel is inconsistent with current U.S.
policy inasmuch as travel related to touristic activities is not authorized under the General Li cense set forth
in § SlS. 564(a) or permitted under a specific license issued pursuant to § 515 .564(b) of the Regulations.
Accordingly, your application is hereby denied.
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