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Those who try to do something, and fail, are to be preferred to those who try to do nothing, and succeed.

A notice was put up on the door of an office: "If You Haven't Anything to Do, Don't Do it Here!"

Employee — "I have been here 10 years doing three men's work for one man's pay. Now I want a raise".
Employer (slightly Scotch) — "I can't give you a raise but if you'll tell me who the other two men are I'll discharge them".

"Have you ever been offered work?"
"Only once. Apart from that, I've met with but kindness."

A fiery tempered Southern business man wrote the following letter:
"Sir, my stenographer, being a lady, cannot type what I think of you. I, being a gentleman, cannot think it. You, being neither, will under¬stand what I mean." Boss — "You are twenty minutes late again. Don't you know what time we start work at this
New Employee — "No, sir, they're always at it when I get here."
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