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    How to combine business and entertainment in any European country or the USA

    "So, you have been to Germany?" a young man asked. "Yes, I spent a whole year there, "answered a good-looking girl taking out some money to buy a bus ticket. "Remember, it was my dream to go somewhere abroad and improve my German as well as to get acquainted with another culture: Finally, I realised that idea. I was so happy." "I'm so glad for you. It seems to be realty amazing. How did you manage to go there ?" the young man wanted to know. "It is a cultural exchange programme, called Au Pair."

    What is Au Pair? Au Pair is a cultural exchange programme that enables young men and women to visit a foreign country, stay there in a family, and participate in everyday life. The main '; purpose of the programme is to assist families from the receiving countries (i.e., countries of destination) to solve their problems with babysitting, while providing an opportunity for young people to travel abroad. The general scheme consists of a few stages: first, a person, who wants to go abroad, fills out an application provided by a company (called the sending organisation); then the company contacts its partners (called the receiving organisations) in a foreign country; the partner seeks a family that needs help with babysitting, etc. and as soon as one is found, a contract between the family and the applicant is signed. Finally, after some formalities such as obtaining a visa, tickets, etc. have been completed, the "admirer of foreign countries' can start out.

    Who can be an "au pair"? Anybody aged 17 to 30 can participate in the programme. Normally, it is also a requirement that an au pair is not married, has no children and possesses a diploma certifying completion of at least secondary education. An au pair should have a good knowledge of the language of the country he/she is going to (or knowledge of the host family's native language), and have good, proven child care experience (note that children, in particular, can mean babies of different ages). However, there are some variations in the restrictions set by different countries.

    How long can the programme last? Usually, au pairs go to a foreign country for a period of 3 to 12 months. As a rule, if the programme is for a year, it will be timed to coincide with the start of the academic year.

    What duties does an au pair commonly perform? The most important and responsible task of an au pair is taking care of children (dressing, feeding, playing with them, etc.). In addition, he/she may be asked to perform other day-to-day duties in a host family's household (shopping, dusting, etc.). However, au pairs should not be required to do heavy-duty chores.

    How many hours a week should an au pair perform his/ her duties? The number varies between countries. In general, 30-45 hours per week is standard.

    What about free time? Of course, this is probably one of the biggest attractions of the programme for an au pair. It is during free time that an au pair can go out, meet new people, make friends and have fun. According to the rules established by the International An Pair Association (you will read about this organisation below), an au pair shall be granted at least one full day off per week. Moreover, host families shall grant an au pair one-week paid vacation for each six-month period of his/her stay. It is advisable that you plan ahead where and what you will do during your holidays.

    Will there be language improving opportunities? All au pairs shall have an opportunity to attend language courses. In such a case, the host family is to pay for an an pair's transportation to and from the place of classes. However, the tuition is at an au pair's expense unless the host family decides to pay for it.

    What can an au pair expect from his/her host family? A host family also has some responsibilities. For example, they (family) shall provide room and board as well as pocket money. The latter is quite important since without money an au pair will be limited in terms of going out. As a rule, the amount of pocket money a family shall give to an au pair is fixed in the contract and usually ranges from $70 and higher per week. This "allowance" can be paid on a monthly basis as well - the matter depends on what is agreed upon in the contract.

    Are there any expenses an au pair shall incur? Yes. An au pair is to cover expenses for tickets to and from the country of destination, for language course tuition, and some other specifically regulated between an au pair and the host family in the contract. In addition, an au pair shall pay or medical insurance. However, sometimes a host family likes an au pair so much, that it is willing to pay the aforesaid costs. So, it depends.

    Is it possible to get in touch with other au pairs in the same country? Of course - the receiving organisation (the one in the country of destination) shall provide an au pair with a contact list, which includes names, and phone numbers of other au pairs in their host country as well as consulates and embassies.

    Can an au pair change a host family or terminate the agreement? It is possible. An au pair shall give two-week notice to an au pair organisation before doing so.

    Who are sending and receiving organisations? They are commercial or non-profit organisations that complete all the formalities for processing an au pair's application, seeking a host family, providing assistance for au pairs upon their arrival, etc. Most of them are members of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) created in 1994. The main purpose of the Association is to protect the rights of au pairs and host families and prevent them from being abused by unfair people and businesses. It is advisable that you refer only to organisations that are members of IAPA since they are internationally recognised and reliable.

    Are there au pair organisations, members of IAPA, in Ukraine? Yes, there are. Consult the following web-site in order to receive contact information: http://www.iapa.org/Docs/organ.html.

    Are there any guaranties that an au pair or a host family will not be cheated? An au pair signs a contract with a sending au pair organisation in his/her country and a host family does the same with a receiving organisation in the country of destination. In addition, an au pair and a host family complete a contract, which sets obligations for the parties and main terms. Among them are the place of destination, the programme duration period, an au pair's responsibilities, the amount of weekly (monthly) pocket money agreed with the host family, an au pair's days off and holidays, etc. These contracts are a good safe guard for an au pair as well as a host family.

    "Au Pair? I heard about it, but considered it to be difficult to realise. Nevertheless, if you did it, why can't I?" was the reply, from the young man who was ready to leave the bus. And the lady almost shouted to the man getting off: "I am sure you will succeed. Good luck!"

    Источник: http://www.english4u.dp.ua/modules.php?name=Articles&op=Open&id=643
    Категория: Практические советы | Добавил: Lilu222 (12.02.2010) | Автор: Yevhen Chernov
    Просмотров: 1185 | Рейтинг: 0.0 |
    Вы овладеете английским!
    • Вы верите, что всего за несколько часов можно понять, как поставить правильное произношение, не изучая долго и нудно теоретическую фонетику, а всего-лишь поймав "фокус" языка?
    • Вы верите, что за несколько часов можно понять всю систему английских времен, которую безуспешно учат годами в школе, институте или на курсах?
    • Вы верите, что вместо скучных учебников можно заниматься по Вашим любимым фильмам и сериалам, испытывая при этом восторг и наслаждение от занятий английским?
    Мы не только верим, а и твердо убеждены, так как уже сотни людей прошли по этому пути и поделились с нами своми успехами и достижениями!
    И мы верим в Вас, потому что Вы легко научились говорить на языке, который на порядок сложнее английского!
    Поэтому более простым и логичным английским Вы овладеете гораздо быстрее и легче! Конечно,если будете делать это правильно, естественным путем - моделируя носителей языка.
    Руководствуясь при этом не громоздкими правилами, а простыми и понятными визуальными моделями!

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