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Гость. British English 25.01.2009, Воскресенье
A visitor from England startled at dead of night by a terrifying hoot asked his American host: "What cawn that terrifying sound mean?"
"It's an owl," the host explained.
H'l know, but who's 'owling? "

When Gypsy Rose Lee heard that her G-Siring was going to be published in London, she wired her publishers, "Who is going to make the English translation?"

The British Ambassador walked briskly into the foyer of a Washington hotel, and stopped for a moment to speak with one of the bright-buttoned servitors in the lobby. After he walked on, an assis¬tant manager who had noted the incident, went over to the boy and said, "What did the Ambas¬sador want?"
"I don't know," answered the bell-hop. "He couldn't speak English."

Witness (in an English Court) — "The shock caused my wife to go off into asterisks."
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