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"How many times have I told you to fall in for these formations on time, private Smith?"
"I don't know, sergeant. I thought you were keeping the score."

'If the Dean doesn't take back what he said to me this morning, I am going to leave college." "What did he say?" "He told me to leave college."

"Now, Mr. Blank," said a temperance advocate to a candidate for municipal honours, "I want to ask you a question. Do you ever take alcoholic drinks?"
"Before I answer the question," responded the wary candidate, "I want to know whether it is put as an inquiry or as an invitation!"

"You have an admirable cook, yet you are always growling about her to your friends." "Do you suppose I want her lured away?"

"Did you pass your exam?"
"Well, it was like this — you see —"
"Shake! Neither did I."

Sergeant Millberry caught a sol single button unfastened.
"Oh," he sneered. "Sunbathing, Smith?"

"I wish I had enough money to buy an ele¬phant."
"What on earth do you need an elephant for?"
"I don't. I just need the money."
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