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Sentences with Implication
She — "You remind me of the ocean."
He —"Wild, romantic and restless?"
She — "No, you just make me sick."

"Harry, if I were to die, could you marry again? "
"That question is hardly fair, my dear,"
"Why not?"
"Because if I were to say "Yes", you wouldn't like it, and to say "Never again" wouldn't sound nice."

"Look here, now, Archie," said a father to his little son, who was naughty, "if you don't say your prayers you won't go to heaven."
"1 don't want to go to heaven," sobbed the boy; "I want to go with you and mother."

"There ought to be a special place in Heaven for ministers' wives."
"Perhaps you're right," responded the minis¬ter's wile, "but I would much rather go with my husband."

Judge (sternly) — "The next person who inter¬rupts the proceeding will be sent home." Prisoner — "Hooray!"

"How do you like bathing beauties?"
"Can't tell. I never bathed any."

"What did you divorce your husband for?"
"Two hundred dollars a month."

"I got a real kick of kissing Jane, last night."
"Any more than usual?"
"Yea, the old man caught me."

"Don't you find writing a thankless job?"
"On the contrary, everything I write is re¬turned to with thanks."
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