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I don't get the Western Watch joke. I was given a Wostok when I was eight. It was the best watch I ever had until it was stolen. My current one, an automatic Seiko, loses a minute every day, despite regular maintenance.
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Workers are waiting at a bus stop near the American Embassy. They watch diplomatic cars arrive -- first a Lada, then a Cadillac. One man nudges another and says, "Wouldn't you like to have one of those for your very own?" The other man replies, "I would surely enjoy owning a Lada." The first man snorts: "The Lada? You certainly don't know anything about automobiles!" "I know my automobiles," replies the second man, "but I don't know you."
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One day, Stalin misplaced his pipe and, after a long thorough search, decides some had stolen it. He summons a guard to find it. After some time he accidentally came upon his pipe and notified the guard to drop the matter.
‘We can’t’, the latter explained, ‘we have arrested ten suspects.’
‘Release them’, ordered Stalin.
‘We can’t’, the guard explained, ‘They have all confessed.’
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