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A man walking along a Moscow street, stops in front of a shop with a large plate-glass window. All the shelves are empty, but there's babuschka at the far end. Vodka has made him a bit talkative, so he walks in.
"Comrade" he says to babuschka, "I see that today you have no meat"

"Comrade, you are wrong! This is a fishmongers, and today we have no fish. Next door is the butcher's which has no meat"
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s Czechoslokia in 1968 after the Soviets invaded to put an end to the Dubcek Regime and their Prague Spring.
A Czech calls the police on the phone and says, "Two Swiss soldiers just stole my Russian watch."
The policeman says, "You mean two Russian soldiers just stole your Swiss watch?"
"You said it not me," the Czech citizen replies
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An old Russian is standing in the queue waiting to buy some bread when they run out.

He exclaims how terrible things are, attracting worried glances from fellow shoppers.

A man in a long coat tells the old man that he should be more careful. "In the old days old man you could be shot for saying things like that".

The old man then crys:

"It's worse than I thought, now we don't even have any bullets left".
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