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A sociologist as an experiment puts two men and one woman of four different nationalities on four desert islands, and comes back after 6 months to find out how they've got on. He comes to the English island, and finds the three sitting on the beach exactly where he left them. On asking why, one of the men says nervously "Well, you didn't actually introduce us." He goes to the Italian island, and finds the woman sitting all alone on the beach. She explains: "The two guys, they kill each other fighting over ... Читать дальше »
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A man goes up to a store clerk in Moscow and asks for a kilogram of beef, half a kilogram of butter, and a quarter kilogram of coffee. "We're all out," the clerk says, and the man leaves. Another man, observing this incident, says to the clerk, "That old man must be crazy." The clerk replies, "Yeah, but what a memory!"


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The Commissar visits the collective farm in the 1920's, and asks the farm manager "Comrade, tell me, how is the potato crop?" The manager replies "Comrade Commissar, the potato crop is marvellous. If we put all the potatoes we have into a big pile, it would reach up to the feet of God." The Commissar, shocked, says "But Comrade, you must know that since the Revolution, there is no God." The farm manager replies: "It's funny you should say that, Comrade. There aren't any bloody potatoes either."
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