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1.From the Fifties: A race was held between an American Ford and a Russian Moskovitch. The race is reported by Pravda as: the Russian car came in second, the American car came in next to last.
2. A Russian railway worker retires and is given a special pass that will get him to bypass the long lines at the railroad station. He shows up one day to take a journey and is directed to a long line. He asks "What is that line?" and is told that that is the line for people with the special pass.
3. A Russian ... Читать дальше »
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Bunch of Russians are sitting in a bar. One of them, pretty drunk, mouths off, "Communists are assholes."

Comes a voice from the other end of the bar, "Hey, I resent that."

"Why" asks the first guy, "are you a communist?"

"No", comes the retort, "I'm an asshole."


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I can't resist adding this one I heard in the 70s.
An Englishmen, a Frenchman and a Russian are drinking together in a pub.
The Englishman says "You know what my idea of paradise is? Sitting in my armchair after a hard day's work, and my wife brings me my whiskey, pipe and slippers."
The Frenchmen says "You English are so cold! Paradise is making love with the world's most beautiful woman for the whole night."
The Russian says "You're both wrong! True paradise is when the KGB bang at your door ... Читать дальше »
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