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1)A Western reporter gets lost on the streets of East Berlin. He sees two soldiers standing on the corner. He goes up to them and asks in German for directions to his hotel. They say nothing. He reflects that they might be Russian, so he asks in Russian. No response. He realizes that they could be Polish. He has a little Polish, so he tries that. No reply. He figures he might as well ask in English. Still nothing. He walks away. When he's a block away, one soldier turns to the other and says, "That guy was rea ... Читать дальше »
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As it was Mao and not Stalin that had the purge against interlectuals a better version of no.4 is...
How many Maoists does it take to change a lightbulb? 3. 1 to hold the ladder,1 to change the bulb and 1 to watch the two dangerous interlectuals
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What is the difference between the German Democratic Republic and a theatre? In the theatre there is an emergency exit!
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