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Гость. "Allah be praised!" 17.07.2008, Четверг
Abu Shukri is driving his car through Damascus one day when a large black sedan with shaded windows bangs into him knocking off a pice of his car. Abu Shukri gets out and starts swearing "you idiot!". The black sedan's window winds down a few inches and a hand emerges giving him a card with a phone number, the sedan then drives off.
Abu Shukri goes home, still fuming, and that evening he calls the number: "you ****ing moron, why don't you take driving lessons?".
An icy voice on the other end says "Do you know who I am?", "No" says Abu Shukri, "I am Hafez El-Assad" (President of Syria). There is a pause, then Abu Shukri shouts down the phone "And do you know WHO I AM?" "No" says the voice.
"Allah be praised!" says Abu Shukri and slams the phone down.
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